The World Of Rhymargg

Session VII

Ladies Day Out

session vii

ladies day out


Chapter i : A Tale of two guards


Saren and Delianna were having a “Girls Day Out” on the town, celebrating Delianna’s decision to take life by the throat and make it do what she wanted. Arriving at “The Mist Runner Tavern”, the pair were eventually approached by the tavern keeper Brock. He had heard of their exploits beneath the ruins and asked if they could do him a favor. Free drinks for life was the reward, and in private Brock explained that he had a problem in his cellars of some rather large rats.

Being lured by the promise of free drinks, and sworn to secrecy so as not to ruin Brock’s
reputation (“This place has rats? We’re not coming here anymore!”), the pair were led down to the cellars by Brock. The first part was normal, a storeroom with many supplies, but there were bite and claw marks everywhere from the rampaging vermin. Brock said he would check back on their progress in a little bit, and headed back upstairs.

Proceeding on to the second room, another storeroom, this one was a scene of devastation, with crates and barrels all askew and damaged from the little rascals. Suddenly about thirty rats swarmed from all corners, attempting to overwhelm the heroes. It didn’t take long, and the foes were sent scurrying back to their holes.

Proceeding even further into the cellars, there was a large mechanical clanking that arose from behind the duo. A metal gate had been lowered behind them, and they were now trapped in the cellar. Brock was at the winch that operated the gate, and said that they were now the guests of Grimal, lord of rats, and dinner would be served shortly. At that eight rats of giant proportions rounded the corner and attacked, viciously biting and clawing at the heroines.

It took a little while, but Saren and Delianna emerged victorious, and since they couldn’t head back the way they came, they bravely decided to take the action to this “Grimal”. The
passageway led to a door that was severely damaged by the rats, with claw marks rendering it very weak. There were also signs that the rats had been trying to enlarge the entryway, with little success. A sickly red glow came from the other side of the portal, and Saren battered the door down with her mace in one mighty blow. The sight that greeted them was quite gruesome. A pulsating melding of human and rat, with claws, teeth, and tail coexisting in an unnatural and unholy alliance with basic human anatomy.

In front of this perversion was a rune covered metal chest, opened to reveal a glowing red stone that seemed almost alive as it pulsated slowly. Grimal sprang to the attack, it’s grotesque form so large that there was no way for it to fit through the doorway. Combat was joined, but it went not well for our damsels, and it seemed like they would end their days as a meal for this “Grimal”.

With a mighty shout, Mersa emerged from the doorway, throwing her spear at the foul beast, causing it to miss it’s fatal blow at Saren. The heroes took advantage of the confusion and slew the monstrosity. Mersa had been following the pair, and when they disappeared below the tavern, she killed Brock and raised the gate, arriving just in the nick of time. The trio closed the metal chest over the strange stone, and proceeded back to join their compatriots.

More to come…



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