The World Of Rhymargg

Session VIII

A Close Call...

session viii

A Close call


Chapter i : Always look at the ceilings


  Auric and Tirra decided that they were going to take a break from adventuring, and took their share and bought the Mist Runner Tavern, as it was now available due the actions taken last session. A quick stop at Finch And Breig Supply to re-equip themselves, and our adventurers were ready to tackle the Ruins of Zenopus again.

p.  After the descent into the dundeon, the party headed for a door they had not gone through yet. Coinciding with a wandering monster check, the door opened to a hallway full of hungry stirges. Combat was quickly over, especially since I forgot that stirges attach themselves after a successful hit and automatically cause damage each round after that, I won’t forget next time (hint, hint players!)


  The hallway led to another door, and while Indel couldn’t detect any noise coming from the other side, the chamber beyond was anything but empty. A wizard and three men-at-arms took up defensive positions, with the wizard winning initiative. Strands of webbing flew from the magic-user’s outstretched hand, and while Indel was able to barely avoid being entangled, the doorway was completely blocked. For once the PC’s decided that it was better to retreat than face an angry wizard!

  The group took another hallway that was unexplored, and once again the wandering monster check came up positive. Several giant beetles burst through one of the passageway’s wall, catching the party by surprise. Poor Indel was almost bitten in half, but the party prevailed.

  Next the party came across four gnomes imprisoned in a small cell-block. They claimed to be simple gem merchants who were ambushed by goblins, though Indel was suspicious. The next room in the hallway contained the severed heads of three gnomes, each pierced by a spear and set up like a tee-pee. The gnomes confirmed they were the other members of their caravan.

  By this time, it was getting late in the evening, and the players were losing their edge. They entered a chamber that had been visited in a previous session, and thought that the webs that now covered the ceiling were from the wizard, and failed to notice the giant spider lurking above. Poor Saren was the target of the spider’s ambush, reducing her to one hit point. Being a newer player, she didn’t understand the consequence of not making her save versus poison, and failed to use the d30-rule to increase her chances.

  Since I was getting tired too, I failed to properly advise her on the seriousness of her saving throw, which she failed. Saren succumbed to the poison, and we decided to end the session there. The next day I decided that I would give her the chance to re-roll her save, using the d30-rule, and she gratefully accepted. Saren made her save, and we decided that the PC’s beat a hasty retreat from the dungeon to tend to their wounds.

  More to come…



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