Chauncy deGlauss


  This is the short story of Chauncyl De Glauss III, who came from a legacy of healers and philosophers of medicine. His story begins with the fall of his family legacy.

  The land that his forefathers practiced and resided in was known as NuAgora. A sprawling metropolis that was a haven for scholarship and craft. Particularly, the craft of medicine and healing and the source of this knowledge comes from the temple of The Lady of Love.

  Having the duel purpose of practicing religion and the healing arts meant the temple had two leaders. Her Lady’s high priest and Chauncy’s father Chauncyl II. Better known for his role as head scholar at The Academy of Her Lady’s Brilliance. Since his father assumed the position, tensions have risen due to his emphasis of knowledge over spirituality. This tension with the temple leadership culminates to the De Glauss clan being cursed.

  On the eve of Carnival, the Temple performs rituals and sacrifices to the Goddess to ensure the future favor from the Lady. Local families typically provide sacrifices appropriate to their professions. When the time came for the De Glauss family sacrifice to be accepted, the pyres blazed brightly as if by magic and the great statue in the Lady’s image came to life proclaiming her disdain for their contribution.

   “ You dared to try and fool a Goddess and for that your clan will suffer. No longer do I look upon your blood with favor.”

  In that moment, oblivious to threads of fate shifting, Chauncy makes his way to visit with his love. Fearing to be discovered away from the ritual, he had taken back roads near the coast outside the city walls. Being the first born son of his family it was considered heresy for him not to attend. But, to him, religion was a relic of an uncivilized past. Something to keep peasants in order. Not anything he needed to worry about.

  As the home of his betrothed neared, a great wave rose up and swallowed him. Dragging him into darkness, he awakens to sound of the ocean crashing against the cliffs. His eyes adjusting to the darkness he finds himself in the cave home of the vile sea hag. A known oracle of the Lady and considered by some to be an aspect of the goddess herself, though her hideous appearance made that unbelievable to the few that had witnessed her.

  “ Ahhh… he awakens.” she said pointing a clawed hand toward his direction.

   “ I hope you see… where the sea… has taken thee. But do not fret young one, for you are not alone. I have the parts of many who’ve yet to atone.” The hag almost sings these words as she approaches him pointing to a freshly healed wound on his chest. She then points to a jar next to him containing a beating human heart which she picks up and places in a collection of similar jars with various contents. Each jar glows various colors and intensities .

  “I have ears of musicians, the hands of doctors… All guilty of taking what’s not theirs… With me, their parts will stay… Until no more be there debt to pay… For the moon waxes and wanes… While our patience fades… So go. Become ye a servant of the Lady… Let her dove be your guide and in you will your heart reside.” With each pause in her speech, The liquid in which his heart was suspended pulsed with a bright green light. In sync with the pulses,waves of incredible agony swept through his whole being, as the curse became bound to his soul. After a while the Goddess showed mercy on him and allowed him to sleep.

  When he awoke, he was at the beach where he was taken as though he had dreamed it all. This was a small comfort until he came to inspect his chest to find the wound, now appearing as a scar from years past. Despair overcame him and he felt afraid. Not knowing what to do he wandered away from the city and into the wilderness where he lived as an animal. On the fifth day of wandering, resting in the woods he noticed a dove near him. He considered eating it before he realized it seemed to be watching him. Feeling this confirmed his suspicion he began to follow it. The dove flitted from tree to tree, patiently waiting for Chauncy to catch up.

  “My Lady, have mercy on me. I’m too tired to continue this.” He prayed desperately.

  As if hearing his pleas, the dove flew off into a clearing where it rested at the top of a waterfall. Near the base of the waterfall lay a sleeping girl, close to Chauncy’s age. She appeared to be dressed as the nobility from NuAgora though he did not recognize her. The dove remained in its resting place as Chauncy approached.

  “ Is this where your will has led me, my goddess?”

  There was no reply. He searched around the clearing looking for clues. The mystery deepened as he realized the girl was very far from the city, without any sign of camp or supply. He looked again at the girl and realized that she did not breathe and looked rather pale, though not lifeless. At her head in the grass lay a stone with a strange rune carved into it. Seemingly ancient he reached for it and as he touched it the markings glowed with fiery intensity. Startled he recoiled stepping back several paces. Suddenly the waterfall stopped as though its source had dried up revealing a large niche that was previously obscured. There a skeleton sat on an ancient throne carved from stone and to his terror the skeleton came to life and faced him, drawing a sword from it side.

  Chauncy was about to turn and flee when he saw the sleeping girl again. Torn between saving himself and staying to defend her, he prayed. In that moment, he felt a warmth from within as courage filled him. Though weaponless he stepped forward and picked up a large stone at his feet and hurled it at the approaching skeleton. The stone missed as the skeleton continued walking towards him unfazed by the attempt. It now stood over the girl preparing to strike her down with his weapon. Desperate, Chauncy charged at the fiend. The creature, taken aback couldn’t bring its sword down fast enough and began grappling with the youth.

  They struggled for a moment both trying to bring the other down. As they fought, they neared closer and closer to the pool until they stood at its edge. For a moment, Chauncy thought he was about to best his foe then at the last minute the skeleton pulled out a hidden dagger stabbing him in the side. He felt a mixture of pain and icy cold as the blade slid between his rips. The shock caused him to lose his balance as he fell into the water and sunk into its depths.

  All he saw was darkness as he sunk deeper into the pool and into despair. He felt he was slipping out of consciousness when again he felt the warmth deep within and courage filled him. As his courage was renewed, he spied at the bottom of the pool a corpse. Some sort of knight clad in what was once fine armor and partially obscured by mud lay a gleaming mace. He swam toward it and grasped its handle pulled it out thanking the Lady for showing him favor. Now reinvigorated and armed he resurfaced.

  He was just in time to see the skeleton hovering over the girl about to strike her when it looked up at him. Wasting no time, it came at him making a hellish rattling sound from its lipless mouth. Chauncy readied his new weapon and side stepped the creature deflecting its charge. It staggered for a moment leaving itself open. Chauncy took this opportunity holding the weapon high and bringing it crashing down on his foe. Bones shattered and flew in all directions with the ferocity of the attack. As they fell to the ground each bone fragment turned to a pile of dust leaving only the sword and dagger remaining.

  Chauncy slumped to the ground in relief. His adrenaline now fading, the pain from his wound began throbbing. He looked up at the girl laying by him and saw that color returned to her. He crawled to her side and, as he did, she rose up and looked at him. Her face now looked beautiful and glowed with a radiant energy and she spoke as someone much older.

   “ You have done well. You have cleansed the evil that profaned this sacred place and, for that, you have the Goddesses’ thanks. But your work has only begun. Continue on this path and your curse will be lifted.”

  She then touched the wound at his side, healing it completely. Leaving Chauncy in awe she stood up and began walking into the woods where she faded away. The dove which had been waiting,observing all of this, then flew to a tree branch nearby waiting for Chauncy to begin following again. Understanding, Chauncy stood up picking up his weapon and followed it to his next adventure.

Chauncy deGlauss

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